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At Auto Glass Experts, we address all your auto glass needs. From minor repairs to full replacements, our technicians emphasize safety and precision. Plus, with our mobile service, we come directly to you, ensuring swift, quality solutions.

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Count on Auto Glass Experts Inc. for comprehensive services that meet all your car window needs. From repair to full-scale replacement, our highly trained technicians execute thousands of jobs each year with precision and care.

Auto Glass Replacement

Looking for top-notch auto glass replacement? Auto Glass Experts Inc. is your answer. Our team, trained to perfection, handles everything from windshields to tempered door glass and more, ensuring your vehicle only gets the best. We prioritize quality, using only factory-authorized glass, and our extensive experience means you get reliable, standout service every time. Choose us for all your auto glass needs and see the difference for yourself.

Auto Glass Repair

Not every chip or crack means a new windshield is necessary. At Auto Glass Experts Inc., we’re all about smart, affordable fixes. If your windshield’s damage is toonie-sized or smaller, a repair might be all you need. Good news: many insurance policies cover these small repairs, often with no cost to you. Choosing repair can save you time and money, without skimping on quality. Trust Auto Glass Experts Inc. for service that’s both excellent and economical.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Got window damage on your vehicle? No worries, and no need to interrupt your day. We bring our mobile service straight to you. Whether it’s a small chip or a big crack, we fix it all at your location. Our certified team uses the latest tech and high-quality materials for quick repairs and replacements. Enjoy service that’s all about your convenience, making sure your vehicle’s windows are safe and sound again. With us, you get quality and convenience.

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Quality & Convenience

Why Choose Us for Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

You’re driving along, and out of nowhere, a rock hits your windshield—now you’ve got a chip that could turn into a big crack! Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place for a fix. At Auto Glass Experts Inc., we’ve got you covered, whether you’ve got a minor chip or need a complete windshield replacement. Why us, you ask? Let’s break it down.

We’ve got your back with insured technicians who bring the best materials to your car windows. We value your business big time, and we stand by our work with a solid lifetime workmanship warranty.

We Do It All, and We Do It Right

First off, we’re not just about doing the job; we’re about doing it exceptionally well. Our technicians are experts in their field, completing thousands of repairs and replacements every single year. And this isn’t just about the windshield; we’ve got your back, front, and sides covered. Yep, we handle everything from windshields to rear and side windows—and even sunroofs! But let’s say you’ve just got a small chip; nothing serious, just a little blip smaller than a toonie coin. Guess what? Most insurance companies cover this, and we can repair it for you at no cost. That’s right, zero, zilch, nada!

We Service All Car Brands

We understand cars aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we cater to all kinds of vehicles—from luxury models like BMW and Mercedes Benz to your trusty Kia and Hyundai. Quality is key, and while we may not be the cheapest, we offer unparalleled workmanship that’s the best bang for your buck. Oh, and did we mention our lifetime warranty? We stand by our work, period.

Our Customers Matter

We’re not just looking for customers; we’re looking for lifetime relationships. When you work with us, you can expect nothing less than high-quality service, flexible scheduling from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and a team committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement FAQs

Auto Glass Experts Inc. specializes in a broad range of auto glass services. Whether you need a minor repair or a full window replacement, our team of skilled technicians is ready to help. Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from windshield repairs and replacements to handling damaged door glass, rear windows, and quarter glass. With a focus on safety, precision, and quality, we ensure your vehicle is in the best hands.

Yes, not all windshield damage necessitates a complete replacement. If the damage is about the size of a toonie or smaller, we usually recommend a repair. This approach is not only cost-effective but often covered by insurance policies at no additional charge to you. Choosing to repair such minor damages is a smart way to save money while maintaining the quality and integrity of your windshield.

Absolutely, we provide mobile auto glass repair services for your convenience. Our mobile teams are equipped to handle everything from small chips to larger cracks right at your location. This service is designed to save you time and hassle, ensuring your vehicle’s glass is repaired or replaced efficiently without compromising on quality or safety.

Choosing us means opting for unparalleled expertise and quality. Our technicians are highly skilled, managing thousands of repair and replacement jobs each year across all car window types. We offer a mobile service for your convenience, service all car brands with premium materials, and stand by our work with a lifetime warranty. Our commitment extends beyond just fixing your auto glass; we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing flexible scheduling, transparent communication, and the highest standards of service.

Our auto glass replacement service stands out due to our commitment to quality and safety. We only use factory-authorized glass from certified vendors, ensuring that your vehicle is fitted with the best materials available. Our technicians are not only experienced but also highly trained, providing reliable, secure, and clear results. Whether it’s your windshield, door glass, rear window, or quarter glass, we guarantee professional service that meets the highest industry standards.

In many cases, yes. Minor repairs, such as stone or rock chips, are often covered by most insurance policies without any extra cost to you. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm coverage details for your specific situation. Our team is also here to assist with the insurance claim process, making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

We cater to all car brands, from high-end luxury models like BMW and Mercedes Benz to popular makes such as Kia and Hyundai. Our expertise and quality of service are consistent across all vehicle types, ensuring every customer receives the best solution for their auto glass needs.

Realizing your car’s windshield has a crack or chip can be unsettling. But don’t worry—taking immediate and appropriate steps can make all the difference in preserving your vehicle’s safety and functionality. First up, gauge the extent of the damage. Smaller defects, generally less than six inches, are often repairable. For anything larger or directly in your line of sight while driving, a full replacement is advisable.

Next, assess if your vehicle is safe to drive in its current state. Obstructed visibility is not just hazardous; it can also be against the law in some jurisdictions. Should you find the need for professional repair, check with your insurance company. Your policy may cover windshield repair or replacement under specific conditions, so it’s wise to be informed.

When it comes to the repair or replacement itself, consider your options carefully. Small, manageable damage might be a DIY project with a quality windshield repair kit. For more extensive issues or those not comfortable taking the DIY route, professional services are the best bet. For the repair or replacement itself, consider Auto Glass Experts as a trustworthy option.

Our technicians are adept at handling a range of issues, and the service even includes mobile repair, coming to your location for the ultimate convenience. If your vehicle has advanced safety systems, know that these features may need to be recalibrated following any windshield work.

Addressing a cracked or chipped windshield promptly is key. Failing to act can cause the damage to spread, potentially requiring a more costly intervention later on. So act wisely and ensure you’re keeping your driving experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Discovering a crack or chip on your windshield raises an immediate question: repair or replace? Here’s a simple guide to help you decide. Generally, if the damage can be covered by a quarter and doesn’t obstruct your view while driving, repair is often the recommended course.

For cracks longer than a dollar bill or those reaching to the edge of the windshield, a full replacement becomes the safer bet.

The glass type also plays a role; tempered glass usually means a replacement is in order. As for repairs, they typically involve applying a specialized adhesive that needs to set in specific conditions—dry glass and room temperature to be exact. Common household items like detergents should be avoided during this process.

While these general tips are useful, professional consultation remains indispensable. Auto Glass Experts can gauge the extent of the damage and advise the most effective solution. Delay in addressing the issue can lead to more severe problems, like the crack spreading further, often culminating in a more costly fix or even penalties, as many provinces deem it illegal to drive with a damaged windshield. So, whether it’s a small chip or a large crack, prompt action ensures you stay both safe and on the right side of the law.

Windshield issues come in many shapes and forms, and knowing the type you’re dealing with is key to figuring out your next steps. So, let’s break it down. You’ve got your Bull’s Eye breaks, those neat, round chips often resulting from debris. A skilled technician can generally fix these if they’re not too large. Star Breaks are another common type—these look like a series of lines radiating from a central point. If you act quickly, these too can usually be repaired.

​Partial Bull’s Eyes or Half-Moons have a semi-circular appearance and are often manageable with prompt attention. Crack Chips are tiny fractures less than a quarter in diameter and under 3 inches long. These are typically repairable. Lastly, Combination Breaks, a mix of any of the above types, can often be remedied by a trained professional.

​However, there are instances where repair might not be an option, such as deep, long, or multiple cracks, or those affecting your line of sight while driving. Each situation is unique, so if you spot any form of windshield damage, it’s wise to consult an auto glass expert right away. They’ll assess the type, size, and severity of the damage to provide the most appropriate course of action. The quicker you act, the better your chances of a repair over a full replacement.

In Quebec, compliance with auto glass and windshield regulations isn’t just a recommendation; it’s the law. According to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), your windshield must be free from damage that obstructs your line of sight while driving. Get caught violating this rule, and you’re looking at a $200 fine.

​It goes deeper when we talk about the size and position of the windshield damage. If your windshield has cracks or blemishes wider than 12mm within the wiper’s sweep area, your vehicle may not pass inspection, and you could also receive a ticket. Damage within your direct line of vision could lead to fines ranging from $90 to $175.

​But it’s not just about fines. Your windshield serves as a critical safety feature in your vehicle, contributing to airbag deployment, passenger containment, and structural integrity during accidents. That’s why quick attention to even minor windshield damage is advised. Small chips can turn into big problems, compromising not just your view but also your safety.

​But it’s not just about fines. Your windshield serves as a critical safety feature in your vehicle, contributing to airbag deployment, passenger containment, and structural integrity during accidents. That’s why quick attention to even minor windshield damage is advised. Small chips can turn into big problems, compromising not just your view but also your safety.

​Wondering about insurance? If your policy includes All Perils Other than Collision and Upset coverage, you’re in luck. Repairs usually won’t require a deductible and won’t hike up your premium. However, for complete windshield replacements, a deductible typically applies.

​So the bottom line is: it pays off—both legally and safety-wise—to address windshield or auto glass damage promptly.